Let The Adventure Begin

We’re off!!!

The house is tidied and clean and we handed it over to our house-sitters Marilyn and Jan.  We’ve loaded up the car with bikes, gear and curtain material for the Newtons, and we are driving to Christchurch.

Months of planning has gone into this day.  All the buying of gear, bookings, lists, testing and packing is finally over and we are off on our adventure.  It seems like this day would never come and seems surreal to be on the way.

Tomorrow we’ll spend in Christchurch picking up a few odds and ends, dropping off the curtain material, and maybe a wee bit of visiting if we get time.

Early early early on Wednesday we fly to Melbourne.  Originally we booked mid morning flight but the time got changed and we now have 6am flights.  That means checking in at 4am!!!  I told Air NZ I wasn’t impressed by the change of flight time.

Exciting times ahead!


2 comments to Let The Adventure Begin

  1. Mish says:

    How exciting. I love it when an adventure finally gets underway. Bummer about the early start but that just adds to the adventure! Enjoy it all. Mish

  2. Lee says:

    Yeah let the adventure begin… wishing you the best time and looking forward to living it thru you.

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