Day 8: A day off in Sale

Today’s Distance: 0km Total Distance: 280.7km


We had a day off in the city of Sale.  It’s funny that a place is called Sale because as we wonder around it seems like everything is for sale, a bit like visiting a Kathmandu store in New Zealand.

Sale is a small city and is the oldest town in Victoria.  We went for a walk around town, visited the supermarket and had another beer at the Irish bar.  We also visited the city art gallery which was interesting.  It feels more autumnal in Sale as there are lots of deciduous trees which are losing their leaves.

Although the photos of the camping area are empty, there were a lot of Grey Nomads in the Caravan Park.  Grey Nomads are retired, couples with big caravans permanently travelling around Australia.  They are chatty and interested in our trip.

You can click on any of the photos below to see a larger view.

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