Day 33: Over 1000km to Jervis Bay

Today’s Distance: 62km Total Distance: 1046.5km


Today we passed 1000km and today was meant to be the second day of this hard stretch in NSW.

We started on a great cycle path that wound it’s way through bush in town.  It’s always a nice way to start the day’s biking as it eases you into it.  After such a nice start, we were then on the highway again.  The first few kilometres were hard work as there was no verge and it wound it’s way through towns and had lots of traffic.  After 20 minutes it opened out in the countryside and the verge became better.

There were some substantial hills in the morning.  We cycled over some impressive viaducts that spanned gullies on the biggest hill.  As we got further north the traffic increased and the road got more congested.  It was a pleasure to turn off down a quiet country road to St Georges Basin then on a long cycle path all the way to Huskisson on Jervis Bay.  We enjoyed most of the cycling today and it’s nice to know that is the hardest stretch finished.

We like Huskisson!!!  Will went for a swim on a beautiful beach and then we walked along the beach to town, had a beer at one of the many bars then had a curry for dinner.  Huskisson feels a bit like Wanaka and has a buzz even at this time of year.  A very nice place.

Highlight of the day:  Huskisson

Starting on a great cycle path

Starting on a great cycle path

Swimming in Jervis Bay

Swimming in Jervis Bay

Huskison beer with a view

Huskisson beer with a view

Huskisson sunset

Huskisson sunset


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  1. Lee Mitchell says:

    Congratulations on 1000kms, very impressive. That man and woman deserve a beer 🙂
    Love the beach. Keep peddling.

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