Day 3: Wet wet wet

Today’s Distance: 52km Total Distance: 139.2km


It poured with rain.  We got up at 7am and packed up before it started raining.  We were on the road before 9am and the first 30 minutes were nice but then the clouds started looking very dark.  The first 30km was on C roads which were reasonably quiet but with little verge.  Biking in the pouring rain, we got looks from drivers that ranged from “are you mad” to “good on you, keep it up”.  The family that gave us big waves as we biked up a hill in the rain made us smile and spurred us on.

The second half of the ride was on another rail trail.  The trail past through spectacular forest and was a nice gentle way to make it over a range of hills.  The only downside of the trail was the sand and mud covered everything and gunked up our gears and brakes.

When we got to Foster there was flooding and some cars had water up to their bumpers.  We checked into a cabin as the grass looked very wet and it was still raining.  We’ve spent most of the afternoon washing, drying and cleaning the bikes and gear.  It will be nice to sleep in a bed too.

Today was a very successful test of our gear.  We’ve spent months talking, reviewing and buying gear including new Ground Effect jackets, MacPac over trousers for Jen and new Daddy Longlegs for Will, polypro, beanies etc etc (Dave, remember the first Daddy Longlegs in New Plymouth?).   It all worked well and we were warm and mostly dry.  The key equipment is the Ortlieb panniers which have a roll top and are waterproof.

A plan is coming together for the next few days biking and we are considering heading to Port Welshpool tomorrow and maybe spending 2 nights with a day off.

Highlight: The wave from cars in the pouring rain and the superb rain trail, whoops, rail trail.

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4 comments to Day 3: Wet wet wet

  1. Joshua Wheeler says:

    Great to read the blog tonight. Sounds like a wicked Victorian day today in the rain.

  2. Rajiv says:

    Nothing better than learning that the gear you have is reliable and the choices were right eh! Good luck and brave the weather!

    • Will says:

      Rajiv, thanks for the boiled eggs tip. They travel well and are nice for lunch.

  3. Sally says:

    Good job guys!! Following your progress and escapades with interest back in (also wet) Ruby Bay. Just remember…Love is all around you even though the path may be a sweet little mystery…aargh, you got wet wet wet songs in my head!

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