Day 73: Byron Bay

Distance: 0km Total Distance: 2180.1km


We had the day off today in Byron Bay.  As we said yesterday, we’ve been here before and feel we know our way around.  That said, we find Byron an unusual place with the mix of hippies and wealth.  There seem to be lots of people trying not to conform but in reality if a person wore a suit and tie they would be the most non-conformist person there.  We really enjoy the food in Byron and had a great choice of places to eat with a selection of vegetarian food.  So often we only have one or two dishes to choose off a menu so to be able to select from numerous vegetarian dishes is a real treat.

We went for a walk along the beach, ate burgers, and spent some time researching the bike paths in the Gold Coast.

Highlight of today:  Vegetarian food!!

Sorry, only photo we took of Byron and it's of a traffic jam.

Sorry, only photo we took of Byron today and it’s of a traffic jam.

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