Day 22: Rolling NSW

Today’s Distance: 36.4km Total Distance: 647km


We had a great night’s sleep at the Delegate Hotel.  We breakfasted and were ready to leave when we found Jennie’s back tire was flat.  This is the second flat her back tire has had, the first on day 20.  We found the leak in a different place to the first hole, changed the tube and fixed the spare.

We were on the road by 10:30am with the short destination of Bombala.  New South Wales is renowned amongst cyclists from being rolling, and it certainly is.  There was no flat riding between Delegate and Bombala with some steep little ups and downs.

We arrived in regional service town of Bombala at 1pm and checked into a motel.  We REALLY needed to do some laundry and reorganise ourselves.  We plan to stay here two nights before a big day down to Pambula Beach on the Sapphire Coast.   We did groceries and walked around town and managed to find a thorn proof inner tube as another spare.

Highlight of the day: The friendly people in Delegate and Bombala.

The Delegate Hotel

The Delegate Hotel

NSW grasslands

NSW grasslands

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