Day 37 & 38: Shellharbour

Distance: 0km Total Distance: 1141.4km


Nothing much to report.  We spent most of yesterday getting the bikes serviced.  We cycled on a great cycle path along the beach then along the shores of Lake Illawarra to the bike store.  The staff were friendly and we left our bikes to get serviced and walked back via Shellharbour City Centre, a mega-mall.  We went to the movies (The Great Gatsby in 3D, 5.5/10) then did some groceries before cooking dinner for Dan and Em.  It was great to hang out and chat.

Today the friendly couple of grey nomads next to us offered to drive us over to pick up the bikes.  It was very kind of them as we didn’t fancy walking back 10km.  We cycled back from the store on shiny bikes and have just hung out looking at the view this afternoon.

Tomorrow we continue our journey north through Wollongong to Stanwell Park.  Friday we’ll be in Sydney, exciting!!

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