Day 4: Foster to Port Welshpool

Today’s Distance: 29.6km Total Distance: 168.8km


After yesterday’s wet day, today was sunny and bright with a clear blue sky.  We packed up slowly in Foster and left at 10am.  On the way out of the caravan park we met a man who has cycled across Australia and around New Zealand.  It was great to chat about cycle touring.  We had a quick look around Foster then cycled along a quiet country road to Toora.  Both Foster and Toora seem like desirable places for downshifters, or sea changers as they are called here.  We had morning tea in a classic old tea shop in Toora and chatted to the Dutch owner (still celebrating the new king) who introduced us to the old ladies and everyone else who came in.  All were amazed at our planned trip.

After Toora we had no choice but to cycle on the South Gippsland Highway (A440) which wasn’t too busy but did have commercial traffic and no verge.  Luckily we only had 10km to bike on the highway to Welshpool, a pretty little town with nice old oak trees.  We then headed 5km to historic Port Welshpool which boasts the third longest wooden jetty in Australia.  We’ve heard claims like this a lot, eg the largest desalination plant in the Southern Hemisphere.  Let’s face it, nobody lives in the Southern Hemisphere, and having the third longest wood jetty is bronze medal claim.

The Long Jetty Caravan Park is the nicest, quietest place we’ve stayed and we have a site with a great view.

Tomorrow we plan another shortish day to Yarram.  The two short days work well as they set us up for a push to Sale over the weekend.

Highlights of the day:  biking along a quiet country road, and a great camp site.

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  1. Mel says:

    Looks amazing! Chair seems to be working a treat Jenni….

  2. Joshua Wheeler says:

    You’re making great road! We love to read the daily updates. Hope you’re sleeping well. Lesley

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