Day 30 & 31: Cruising to Batemans Bay

Yesterday’s Distance: 28km Total Distance: 931.5km


Yesterday we had a very short and relaxing morning’s bike from Broulee to Batemans Bay.  It rained overnight but the weather cleared and it turned into a nice warm day.  We packed up the wet tent and were on the road by 9:30am.  We cycled through Broulee (followed by a friendly dog) then leisurely cycled through the villages towards Batemans Bay.  We stopped at Malua Bay at a café and had a cup of tea while watching the surfers.  At Batehaven we picked up the cycle path which took us all the way into Batemans Bay.

After checking in at the Big4 Caravan Park and treating ourselves to the cabin, we showered then walked back over the bridge into town.  We grabbed some lunch then wandered around town, did some shopping and Will got a haircut.  Later in the afternoon we went to the movies to see Company You Keep with Robert Redford (it was OK, average).  Going to the movies in the afternoon always seems like a treat and a real holiday thing to do.

Today we are having a day off, our first since Merimbula 6 days ago. We’ve dried the tent, done some laundry, planned the route ahead and updated this blog.  Later we’ll go for a walk and look around Batemans Bay some more.  We are looking forward to Jervis Bay further up the coast.

Highlight of yesterday:  Looking forward to a day off today.

A cuppa on route

A cuppa on route

Batemans Bay

Batemans Bay

Batemans Bay foreshore

Batemans Bay foreshore

Another cuppa later in the day (note the bike path sign behind).

Another cuppa later in the day (note the bike path sign behind) (also note the umbrella behind Jen, it’s not a crazy hat).

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3 comments to Day 30 & 31: Cruising to Batemans Bay

  1. Paula P says:

    Hi guys… I have been following your trip – so exciting! I am thinking of buying new panniers. Do you like your Ortlieb? Which model do you have? Two weeks ago I was cycling in the Cotswolds and then last week in the Baltic States. Back in Dubai this week (doing a consulting project for David Waghorn) but thinking of going back to the UK for some more cycle touring next month. A tentative plan is to cycle (at least some of) the North Sea route.

    Take care, Paula

    • Will says:

      Hi Paula

      We have been considering cycling in Britain doing LEJOG or in Europe doing Eurovelo 6 in the future. We’ve got Ortlieb Roller Classics and we LOVE them. We don’t use the strap and we roll the pannier then click over the top. I’ll post a photo soon so you can see. Everything stays dry and they seem durable. The attachment system is great. Highly recommend. Cheers, Will

      • Paula P says:

        Wow – Euro Velo 6 looks great! (I have cycled the Passau Vienna section). While in the Baltic States last week I cycled some of Euro Velo 10. Thanks for the pannier advice – much appreciated. Keep enjoying your trip.

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