Blogging, Podcasting, Facebook or What?

This is the first post of our upcoming cycle touring trip from Melbourne to Brisbane.

Today I decided how we would keep you all informed of our trip. Many people have asked if we will reactivate, whether we will blog, podcast, video podcast or use Facebook. There are so many options that I had to give it some thought and decided I would use a mixture. Primarily we will post our adventure here.  We’ll post blogs, video, photos and update a map.  This will be visible to friends, family and the general public.

The other way we’ll keep in contact is the omnipresent Facebook. We’ll post the occasional photo and location, plus put links to our posts. The way Facebook pushes updates is great for letting you know what we are up to. As we have our Facebook accounts restricted to Friends, the general public won’t be able to see the posts. Don’t worry, Facebook can’t beat the detail that will be on this website.

So for now, that is why we are posting here. We’ll post more in the build-up to the trip and regular, sometimes daily updates during the trip.