Day 61: Pouring with Rain

Distance: 38.2km Total Distance: 1799.5km


Today didn’t go to plan but turned out OK.  We planned to bike from South West Rocks to Nambucca Heads, a distance of 61km.  We packed up a wet tent and set off in cloudy weather.  After 30 minutes of cycling it started to rain.  The rain got heavier and heavier and when we got to a petrol station we pulled over as it wasn’t safe cycling in a downpour.  Going at the speed of a bicycle we observed torrents of water flowing over the road and not all drivers were slowing down.  It would have been very easy for a car to hydroplane on a corner with so much water on the road.

We waited for 15 minutes then set off again once the heaviest rain had past.  The highway was busy but the verge was OK.  It was still a pleasure to reach the turnoff to the quiet Stuarts Point road.  About this time the rain seemed to ease to a steady drizzle and the cycling was good.  We passed through pretty rural scenery with roadside stalls selling bananas and tropical fruit.  We’ve noticed a change in the scenery in the last 100km.  There are banana groves, flowering trees, hedges and bushes, more palms and the nights are warmer.  We feel we’ve crossed some frost free line and are now in a more tropical region.

After 38km we reached the town of Stuarts Point.  It was still drizzling and occasionally raining so we decided to call it a day at 11:30am.  We could have carried on cycling but we thought it better to stop while we still felt good rather than push on and get cold.  All the things cyclists need also fell into place in Stuarts Point, a warm cabin, laundry, and a small supermarket next to the caravan park.  Everyone we met in Stuarts Point has been very friendly and we are pleased we’ve stopped here.  We spent the afternoon drying out and our decision to stop has been good as it’s continued to rain all day.

Highlight of today:  The unplanned stop at Stuarts Point.

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