Day 64: Raining in Coffs

Distance: 0km Total Distance: 1888.0km


It poured down.  The weather forecasters predicted today’s weather correctly and it rained almost all day.  At home rain is usually associated with a weather front and usually it would be windy.  Today there was no wind and rain fell straight out of the sky driven by some force that must be more than gravity.  It rained so hard floods appeared almost instantly on the waterlogged ground.  June was a notably wet and warm month for Sydney but we’ve been lucky dodging the weather.  Luckily we had planned to have time off in Coffs Harbour today though it’s hard to explore the place when it’s raining so hard.

We watched the rain radar and seized the opportunity to pop out to the supermarket this afternoon during a break in the weather.  On the way back we could see dark ominous clouds approaching so we stopped under a shop verandah.  Within 10 seconds it went from not raining to pouring down with great force.  After a few minutes the rain stopped, almost instantly as if someone turned off the tap.  We continued home this way stopping a couple of times for showers to pass.

Tomorrow we planned to cycle 81km to Grafton.  The weather is looking better but still likely to have showers.  Wednesday and later in the week look much better so we asked reception if we could have the cabin for another night.  Luckily it was available, probably due to the fact it’s a one bedroom cabin surrounded by families.  The NSW school holidays mean caravan parks are certainly busier with families.  We wonder where all the grey nomads have disappeared to.  We’ve decided the collective noun for grey nomads should be either ‘a friendly of grey nomads’ or ‘a convivial of grey nomads’.

Highlight of today:  Doing nothing.

Ducking back from the shops

Ducking back from the shops

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