Day 44: The Entrance

Distance: 41.6km Total Distance: 1311.2km


Today we biked from Umina to The Entrance.  We started by backtracking to Ettalong then continued on a busy road through Bensville (we thought nephew Ben would like this) and a string of towns.  The towns started to join up and then it seemed like urban biking with lots of roundabouts and traffic lights.  There was a good cycle lane for part of the route and traffic was good to us. We ended up at The Entrance which is a town at the mouth of Lake Tuggerah.

The Entrance has long been a holiday town for Sydney people and looks like it has seen better days.  We set up the wet tent and walked across the bridge to do some groceries.  The day seemed to disappear and we’ve decided to make an earlier start tomorrow to leave more time in the afternoon after biking.  Tomorrow we will bike to Swansea on the outskirts of Newcastle then on Thursday we will bike into Newcastle, the 6th biggest city in Australia.  We are looking forward to visiting Newcastle as we’ve heard good things about it’s architecture, art and culture.

Highlight of today: The busy traffic was friendly

The Entrance

The Entrance

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  1. Wendy Bamford says:

    Hi Jen, Hi Will
    Just caught up with your endeavours ….what a fabulous journey you are on. We can tell you are enjoying every minute and not missing the inversion layers and being at work at all.

    I love the Entrance and have spent some great summers there. Keep enjoying your time away – your blog is awesome to read!!!!

    Wendy B

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