Day 34: Nowra before the rain

Today’s Distance: 33.4km Total Distance: 1079.9km


We didn’t want to leave Huskisson but we have a plan.  It is due to start raining later today and rain all of Sunday.  So we wanted to move on to Nowra for tonight and probably tomorrow.  We then aim to be in Shellharbour to visit Dan and Em from Monday to Wednesday.  It’s probably not ideal for them to have us visit midweek but we will make our way through Wollongong and be in Sydney for next weekend.  We figure it will be easier to transit through Sydney at the weekend, a long weekend here in Australia (Queen’s Birthday).

So we left Huskisson after a cooked vegetarian breakfast at a café and cycled along nice quiet country roads.  We met the Princes Highway and had little choice but to cycle it for 5km.  It was terrible.  Motorway style with no verge, very heavy traffic, 110km/hr then road works.  At least the traffic had to slow for the road works.  It was bliss to get off onto BTU road, a quiet road that meant a little extra distance and a wee hill, but better than the highway.  From here we will make every effort to not use the highway if possible as it’s a beast of a road that looks like a motorway.

We arrived in Nowra at lunchtime just as it started to spit although it hasn’t rained properly this afternoon.  We checked into a motel and went for a walk around town.  We don’t think many tourists come to Nowra but we like it as it has many services and some nice areas.

This afternoon we are relaxing.  This time last week we were down in the Sapphire Coast.  We have done 300km in the last week and feel we are making good progress heading north.

Highlight of today:  Turning onto BTU road off the Princes Highway.

Only one photo today, sunrise.

Only one photo today.  Sunrise in Huskisson.

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  1. Lydia says:

    so cool to read this website and see the journey! Yeeha! So over a month on the road lots lovely swimming in the ocean; well some. we fly to europe which sounds like its drowning in rain! Back July 2nd and now I will keep watching your progress. Congrats and it’s nice to fit ! Hi to Dan & Em.
    Lydia & Deano XXXX

    • Will says:

      Great to watch your progress on Everest and congrats to you both. That is a very special photo of you cutting the cake with Reinhold Messner!! Enjoy Europe!!!!

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