Day 78: The penultimate day

Distance: 74.6km Total Distance: 2362.3km


As the title says, today was the second to last day of our cycling trip.  Our plan was to cycle along the V1 which is a bike route from the Gold Coast to Brisbane.  We set off at 9am and cycled along the Surfers Paradise promenade heading north.  There were good signs which made progress easy.  We seemed to cycle through endless suburbs on road cycle lanes.  On reaching the motorway we joined the V1 although there were no signs to tell us we were on the main cycle route joining millions of people.  The quiet road which travelled next to the motorway was nice to bike on although it was rather disjointed having to cross numerous on and off ramps.  The only V1 signs were on the big intersection round-a-bouts telling us which exit to take.  It’s hard to imagine cycling this route without the aid of Google Maps on a smartphone.

On crossing the border between city councils we found that Logan City didn’t have as much infrastructure but had really good signs.  Every intersection had a sign telling us which way to go on the V1 and much of the route was on quiet residential streets.

We got to the caravan park tired from the cycling and constant navigating. Tomorrow will be a short and exciting day, the last on our trip.  Sorry there are no photos today as we didn’t feel inspired and were too busy finding our way.

Highlight of today:  Getting closer to Brisbane


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